A strange and beautiful love affair


There was no reason to suppose that they would fall in love. He was tall and ominous looking, she was squat and dumpy. The tall one had a healthy glow as if he had spent all his life weathered by the gusty winds of March and the kisses of the summer sun. She in comparison was pale with a beautiful motley skin that had a magical attraction, which propelled one to touch her. In short she was definitely cuddly. By some strange coincidence they found themselves one evening in a heated roomed placed next to each other. It must have been the heat that had a peculiar affect on them. At first she started feeling a strange movement in her body, she became soft and slowly seductive perfumes exuded from her skin, then she had that delicious feeling of wanting to embrace her neighbor. At this moment she caught the fragrance of wild and exotic fruits that were wafting over her skin. She looked across at her companion who stood tall and dignified at her side. Did she detect a slight movement in acknowledgement of her seductive efforts? Yes, a slight agitation, hardly discernable to the naked eye but in her heart she knew the call had been answered. Later that night they came together in a union of innocent bliss, the pleasure was overpowering.


The plate was clean and the last drop of wine poured. Henry turned to his host and said,

“ a remarkable Reblochon with a superb Macon Blanc. An evening to remember.”


David Nutt, November 2003

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writing in Paris, copyright 2005