Sounds of the future


My thoughts are not my own

My life is not my own

All sense of taste has long been abandoned

Pain has long been forgotten

Illness eliminated

Poverty non-existent

There are no crimes

No greed, no jealousy

No wars, not even the sound of guns

Children are born adults

The time of death anticipated

Love forgotten

Marriage programmed

We, the inventors of machines, have become machines

Time has become nanoseconds

Years simply denote a lifetime

Even nature’s seasons have disappeared

We live in buildings shaded from the light

We see no sun

We feed on paltry pills

There is no joy, no sentiments

We have removed all conflict

Even the color of our skins has become the same

White with translucent veins

Conversation reduced to bytes

There is no need for tears

The sound of laughter is never heard

Towns and cities empty

Slowly we are dying for want of human warmth.


The machine in its haste to create the perfect world forgot the animals

The leopards still have their spots

The elephants roam the savanna untouched.

Crocodiles lazily swim in the swamps

Peacocks strut, proud to be alive


As the years pass man slowly disappears

The machine breaks down

In the after life all we hear are the animals’ cries.


David Nutt February 2005




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writing in Paris, copyright 2005