Day follows day


A hurried kiss

The front door slams

All is quiet

Left alone

Outside it is still dark

But morning light is on the way

Another day begins


No television, no radio


First a lazy wash

Then to the kitchen I go


The fridge is closed

The dishes washed

All is clean

Not a scrape to be found

They forgot

How to pass the time of day?


I watch the goldfish swim

Round and round it goes

Bubbles at the top

Wiggling tail at the bottom

Up and down, round and round

Seconds advance to minutes, minutes to hours

To make a change I watch the bird

A budgerigar caged in splendor

Flitting and pecking from seed to seed

Not fair


To the kitchen I go again

Not a whit, not a bite

The day has no end

Tired of waiting

I sleep in a wicker chair

The hours tick by

I wake to see a mouse

Well I never



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writing in Paris, copyright 2005